Create a retreat.

In the era of open concept floorplans, even collaborators benefit from a little privacy. Lenoir was designed to help create your own little nooks and alcoves, even in the open.


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Tranquil transitions.

Lenoir was designed to be modular and fluent, with smooth transitions creating sectional-style seating that provides the comfort you desire with quality and durability needed to last a lifetime and more in a high use area.

Fully loaded with half backs.

Add some interest and functionality to your space by selecting a combination of full length backs and half length backs.

Armed and ready...

Lenoir is packed full of options to fit the needs of your space, and that includes the ability to choose between 2 arms, 1 arm left side facing, 1 arm right side facing, or armless.

...or not. Your choice.

A match made in Carolina.

Lenoir was designed to pair perfectly with several other LIAT collections, including Belmont shared tables and ottomans, Everest curved shelving and Nash café tables; all made right here in North Carolina.

Quality construction.
Blueridge construction features a 1” thick core with high pressure laminate on both sides and a 3mm PVC edge, and brass inserts for the strongest possible connection points. We don’t use TFL and we don’t use 3/4” cores. Our shelves actually support the weight of books, and Blueridge carries our 20 year warranty.
Cascading contours.
The Blueridge standard offering includes straight, inner curve and outer curve shapes to fit any kind of flow and design your space requires.
Keep it moving.
Blueridge provides the option for shelving on exposed, locking casters in an array of shapes and sizes. Have your storage where you need, when you need it.
Color your world.
The laminate construction of Blueridge provides a wide array of color and pattern options to fit any look your space needs, in both stationary and mobile options.
Plays nice with others.
Blueridge was designed to work in perfect conjunction with other LIAT collections, including Lenoir lounge and Nash tables.
Timeless Craftsmanship.
Superior frame construction, upholstery and stitching ensure Sentro will last and inspire.
On a Swivel.
Sentro features a swivel base, allowing you to twist and turn to find the perfect angle to sit back and relax, read a book, meditate, prepare for your meeting, or just take in the sunset.
The only problem you'll have is not wanting to leave
After all, there’s no need to with the rotating laminate work surface and power options keeping your devices supported and charged for as long as you need.
Collaborate in the open.
Privacy isn’t always desired, and Shelby has an answer for that. Lower the surround to armrest height with no dividers, and settle in to the new style of collaboration with a little more comfort and some extra space between you. You’ll never want to meet in the conference room again.
Ready for touchdown.
The way we use spaces continues to change in both education and commercial environments. Whether you’re stopping in for a few hours to finish up that presentation, or just a few minutes to get caught up on emails, Shelby adapts to the varying needs of an every day space by providing the tools and support you need in a temporary touchdown workstation.
Convenient stay haven.
Sometimes you just need to get away – whether to focus, take a break, or simply get a change of scenery. Shelby allows you to get away, without actually getting away, by providing everything you need in a small and manageable footprint.
Front to back solutions.
LaRue is a complete collection featuring shared tables, computer tables, dens, power bars and carrels; with options for dividing spaces, charging up your devices and more. LaRue has an answer for all your needs, from the front door to the back door.
Work alone, or work together.
The LaRue den is a modern day carrel, with single and double-user options. Frosted acrylic dividers can be added to increase privacy and power solutions to keep your devices charged. To top it off, the LaRue den pairs perfectly with a Tahoe single seat.
Stop in to power up.
The LaRue power bar is the perfect touchdown spot for users that are on the move. Work surface height options at 29”, 36” and 42” are complemented by a 48” high center divider that can be extended in height with a frosted acrylic divider. Single face and double face solutions are highlighted with built-in power options and wire management.
Convenient stay haven.
Sometimes you just need to get away – whether to focus, take a break, or simply get a change of scenery. Shelby allows you to get away, without actually getting away, by providing everything you need in a small and manageable footprint.
Updated for today.
LaRue carrels offer a traditional look with the added durability of today’s materials. Featuring high pressure laminate on all sides with a protective 3mm PVC band, these carrels will suit your needs of today and remain adaptable and reliable enough for future generations.
Your space, your shape.

Lenoir was designed to make the idea for your space a reality, accomplished by various shapes and sizes of inner curves, outer curves and straights with full backs or half backs and arm options, with or without power!

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